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Valentina is a craftswoman specialising in ceramics ranging from traditional to innovative, ancient to contemporary. Her workshop combines the exhibition part, which houses artefacts and books, with a small workshop where she carries out the technical and production part.

Valentina designs and builds 3D models, inserts the material into moulds with the most disparate geometries, skilful containers ready to be inserted into the small cubic oven where the fluid material becomes solid and takes shape. That square, blue womb gives rise to table accessories, lamps, furniture and furnishings, one-off pieces or small series, all designed and made by hand. She also works on projects involving the community, the local area and contemporary society through the “Fatto in Bottega” initiative created to publicise the activities of craftsmen who work with and on the area of Fasano, contributing to enhancing the city’s historic centre. Her hands instead shape and create, they are instruments for doing and doing well, with a memory of the past that is an awareness of the present and a bridge to the future.

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