/ Craftsmen and artists / Mariantonietta Clotilde Palasciano

Clotilde makes handmade paper using ancient techniques combined with versatility and knowledge. Her research is nourished by traditional craftsmanship and a love of art that give her the necessary sensitivity to carry out experiments that result in skilful and unique artefacts.

The material moulded by her hands is fragile, subtle and almost impalpable, a paper organism that escapes and crumbles if not placed in the hands of those who, like her, know how to balance strength and lightness. Clotilde also studies and experiments with engraving techniques, works on art prints and experiments in the darkroom, favouring uniqueness over the reproducibility of artefacts that abandon two-dimensionality to invade space, metal matrices that subjugate their function and become sculptures. Creativity and craftsmanship come to life every day in her workshop, giving rise to a sheet and imprinting themselves on it to continue to bear witness to moments of personal and collective history.

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