26 September
to 16 October 2022 14/10

The format is simple: one artist, one facility. Each year, a number of renowned Italian and foreign artists are selected and adopted by virtuous and representative companies of the Apulian territory, one per facility. A process of research and production is thus set in motion that involves creative and identity-forming peculiarities of Apulia for a few weeks: artisans, small industries, companies. A dialogue is thus established between artists of recognised importance and Apulian craftsmen in order to build a project that shares both vision and manual talent.

The artist connects with the craftsman with whom he or she will carry out and share his/her work: these are traditions, rituals and villages selected by Manibus during events focusing on discovering Apulian craftsmanship.


Each guest artist-in-residence holds at least one experiential workshop open to residents and occasional citizens.


Manibus also organises visits for the artists to historical sites, centres of art and culture and urban centres in the region in order to foster their personal, and thus visual and inspired, knowledge of Apulia’s extraordinary cultural landscape.

The residency calendar includes a number of appointments shared by all the artists. Under a gazebo by the sea, in the beautiful setting of olive trees, in stone quarries, in craftsmen’s forges, and in any place deemed symbolic and in line with the Manibus® logic. These will be open to local citizens, trade schools, apprentices, creative people, training institutes and tourists.


Masseria San Domenico retains all the architectural features of the ancient fortified farmhouse with large spaces with star vaults. The main core of Masseria San Domenico dates back to the 15th century and consists of a watchtower belonging to the Knights of Malta. Guests have access to a spectacular brackish water swimming pool surrounded by natural rocks, a modern talsotherapy center, 2 tennis courts and an 18-hole golf course. A luxuriant Mediterranean garden houses a large brackish water swimming pool, while an avenue lined with olive trees and palm trees leads directly to the private white sand beach reserved for the guests of the Masseria. A second private beach is located 1 km away at the San Domenico a mare and can be reached with the shuttles made available to guests.

Masseria San Giovanni is set in an enchanting landscape, surrounded by age-old olive trees, orangeries, vegetable gardens and Mediterranean flower shrubs. The Masseria dates back to 1600, and its architectural style represents the typical features of the fortified farms in the region. The property has been restored according to local tradition, with respect to authentic materials and original details, with the aim of protecting the farmhouse’s features, of monumental value to the world’s architectural history. Onsite is also a humble church from the early 17 th century known as Chiesa “Madonna della Madia” that served residents, workers and visitors to the masseria. It was the place where agriculturalists gathered to pray and express gratitude, and today, the church serves as a place for festivities and meditation. Guests are welcome to take a seat and enjoy the silence.
Spanning the property are charming areas where guests can relax, enjoy lunch or our ‘couture picnic’ under the shade of the trees, meditate in the fruit orchard, read a book in the nooks of the former stables, and swim in the saltwater pool that seamlessly integrates with the majestic landscape. hospitality is all about feeling utterly at home.

A unique place amidst the majestic olive trees of the Apulian countryside, Il Melograno is a five-star luxury farmhouse among verdant hills and the blue Adriatic Sea. Set in a 17th-century fortified farmhouse, Il Melograno immerses itself in the colours and scents of the large flower garden, in extraordinary harmony with the surrounding area full of history and great artistic and scenic interest. In typical Mediterranean style with its simple and robust traditional shape, typically Apulian white with exposed stone walls painted with white lime or cocciopesto, the building of Il Melograno is surrounded by a five-hectare park of majestic, centuries-old Apulian olive trees interspersed with bougainvillea and citrus groves.


Nestled amidst centuries-old olive groves and Mediterranean scrub, Masseria Torre Maizza is an ancient building dating back to the 16th century, now a buen retiro on Apulia’s Adriatic coast. Throughout the centuries, Torre Maizza has been a stronghold in the line of defence across the Apulian region: a 16th-century fortified watchtower against incursions by the Ottoman Turks and Saracens, as well as a refuge for pilgrims during invasions. The harmonious union of elegant Italian style with the warmth of Rocco Forte Hotels’ hospitality creates a unique atmosphere: between past, present and future, its history continues to excite and confirm its calling for hospitality, having hosted, nurtured and protected people for hundreds of years. 


The Country House of Barnaba Sisters is located close to an area of great naturalistic and biodiversity. Is a place where excellence and tradition are essential values.

Here it is possible  to experience a stay surrounded by a typical Apulian landscape, as an old river bed (lama) enclosed by the native “macchia Mediterranea” flora and fascinating 

caves to visit.

It is a place far from the rush of daily life. Here it is possible to enjoy moments of relax made by the outstanding view of centuries-old olive oil trees and a wide swimming pool. It is the kingdom of stones full of ancient stories and unspoiled nature. Its name is “Lama dei Taveri rural park”.

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